Monday, February 24, 2020

Episode 1 - "His Unholiness Robert Schwalb" has dropped!

Hey all you Demon Disciples Grumpy Alice here!

It looks like my boy toy Gnoy has finally finished editing the next episode where the lads interview the creator of Shadow of the Demon Lord, Robert Schwalb.

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The Deets on Episode 1

I removed Tom's bite ball from his mouth long enough to get this statement from him:

"In this episode, we talk with the mastermind behind the Demon Lord himself, Rob Schwalb. We chat
about his just-released PunkApocalyptic RPG, a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic game utilizing the
engine that powers Shadow of the Demon Lord.

We also spend some time chewing the fat about Shadow of the Mad Wizard, a game Rob's designing that also uses the Demon Lord engine but without the Demon Lord setting -- this is set to come out later this year or early 2021. There may or may not be some discussion about Rob's obsession with beets as well -- it's hard to remember everything, as it was a murky haze of alcohol, crack smoke, and sex.

Just listen to it, damnit!"

That Tom, he's such a naughty boy.

Links to Stuff Talked About in the Podcast

Punk Apocalyptic

Schwalb Entertainment on Drivethru RPG

Little Horror House of the Prairie



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Thanks to Rob Schwalb for an awesome game system

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